Pleated Blinds

The 20mm pleated textile blind is the modern way to keep the sun and heat out. It is suitable for all kinds of windows in either the home or the office but has been designed more specifically for the modern conservatory.

There are two styles that are generally regarded as the mainstay of this product. Free hanging style for vertical windows and the popular skylight version for roof windows. The fabrics are pleated into 20mm pleats and manufactured in polyester.

The choice of fabrics is comprehensive and our collection includes solid colours, soft pastels and mid-tones, alongside classical and contemporary designs, including pearlised collection with an attractive crush effect.

Solar protective coating is available on some of the fabrics which are ideal for keeping glare out and most importantly the heat out. Different operating systems are available to suit your requirements.

A light dusting, or vacuuming on a low setting with a brush is all that is required to keep pleated blinds looking good.

Also available as Perfect Fit.

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